Brand Core:

     After the experience accumulation more than 10 years, the Remdun Brand has been born. We commit to that provide the high performance and stable mobile solution to our customers,  we are directed base on the industrial demand, launched the serial products of Remdun by our professional perspective and strong R&D strength,to optimize the users ' using environment, improve the users' experience, in order to improve the users' production efficiency under the harsh environment.

Brand Value:

      Focus: Remdun focus on rugged products industry,  striving to become a professional brand in rugged products industry with full size, wide coverage and high cost performance.

      High efficiency: Full series of products, multi-functional modules,passed the serial certification.For the demand from the industry and customers,Remdun always responds and satisfies them with active, fast and effective.

      Flexibility: The industrial experience accumulation more than 10 year, we have the ability to help our customers to face the challenge from the complicated market, we can flexibly respond the various demands from the customers,to invent the new reality.

Products Series:

      As the Chinese own brand, we concentrate on the products’value,quality and service. At the early stage of design, we centered on the products’ performance & quality. We launched the full series & full size products which is from 4 inch to 14 inch, include rugged handheld,rugged tablet,rugged notebook,ect.The products has full functional modules such as 2G/3G/4G, WIFI, BT,ID,fingerprint,high accuracy positioning,RFID,ect. They are certified by IP grade,MIL-STD-810G,ATEX(explosion-proof),GMS,ect,and have multiple accessories to be used in various industries.

      Remdun launched the Personalized products such as industrial PC box,POS device; provide the hardware & software solution by Microsoft Azure. It is widely used in life,office, education, logistics, vehicle, finance, commerce, smart home and other related industries.

      Remdun provides the customized solution to customers with industry design,mould development,HW & SW development,mechanical design and Structure design,technology support,to help the customers to help the customers succeed in the digital society.

      We promise to serve our customers with the products of highest quality standard, the most stable and optimized performance and the most cost-effective.