Warranty Statement:

1. Free maintenance service is applicable to all the following case

(1)During the warranty period which is 15 months and applicable to devices,adapters & USB cables.

(2)The breakdown which is not caused by man-made damages,but by the products own quality issues during the warranty period.

3Warranty coverage is applicable to the devices internal function only,but not the appearance defect.    

2. Charge maintenance service is applicable to all the following case:

(1) The damage is caused by transportation,load & unload, which is on the way to return & exchange & repair goods.

(2)Any action is not authorized by Remdun ,which includes but not limited in modifying,disassembly,repairing.

(3)The damage is caused by unexpected factors or man-made,which includes but not limited in intaking liquid,falling,inputting unsuitable voltage,overextrusion,PCBA deformation.It is also applicable to the adapter which has obvious damage,crack,break off,badly deformation,cable damage or cut off.  

(4)The failure or damage is caused by installing,using,maintaining,storing which is failing to follow the user manual’s relevant requirements.

(5)The warranty card does not conform with the product model,or the warranty card is revised by user.

(6)The product’s nameplate or SN code or after sale-label is removed or damaged that make it hardly to be recognized.  

(7)The warranty is expired.

(8)The failure or damage is caused by force majeure (such as fire, earthquake, flood).

 3. Show the warranty card when you need the maintenance support.

Maintenance guide :

 (1)To back-up your personal data before maintenance for the data will lose during the maintaining. Remdun will protect your personal private but not responsibility for the personal data’s damage and losing during the maintaining.

 (2)The product must be inspected by the service center which is authorized by Remdun before the maintaining. The service center will provide the maintenance solution after the failure inspection comfirm. For the non-failure products after inspection,the service center will return the original products.

 (3)If the product is not conform with the warranty regulations,the service center will get the maintenance charge from the user.

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